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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sorry for the long absence, it's been crazy the last few weeks packing, moving, unpacking, and starting a new job. It's super exciting though because I made the move last Tuesday, and on Thursday traveled to Chicago for the weekend to attend 2 trade shows. One was for the awards company that I work for and we spent 3 days showing, but Saturday and Sunday were spent here:

At the Chicago Merchandise Mart for the Stylemax market week/trade show. It was intense. It was the first show I'd been too (not including LA Market Week when I spent the second day at my internship in a showroom trying to bs my way through the day with buyers), and I was hoping to go to Magic in Las Vegas this month, but I just don't think it's going to happen. However, I will definitely be planning on going to Magic for the next show in August/September. 

But back to Stylemax. It's a smaller show, but full of great lines. They didn't have everyone that I was looking into, but I found some fun new lines that I am absolutely going to look into carrying. Two in particular just blew me away, but I don't want to say anything yet! I didn't make any purchases there though because even though I thought they were going to be showing summer and pre-fall clothes, many were still showing spring and carrying a lot of immediates. (For people who have no idea what I'm talking about, showrooms carry samples of the garments and buyers place their orders for a certain amount of time, usually there's a window of a few months. Once all the orders are in, the clothes are manufactured and sent out to the stores. This is why buyers shop for clothes so far in advanced, they still have to be made before they can be sold. Immediates are clothing pieces that are already manufactured and can be sent to your store immediately.) Since I don't have my site up yet, immediates don't do me any good, and I'm hesitant to place an order for a future delivery date because I don't know where my website will be when. 

But on that note, I started talking to the web designers who are going to be designing the site, and we are starting March 1! That gives me a little time to figure out exactly what I want on my site and how I want the layout to look. So overall, it's been a busy yet exciting couple of weeks for me!

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