Getting the ball rolling

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First, if you're joining us from my personal blog Traffic Jams and Tracing Paper, welcome!

This week has been rather exciting for me, as I worked my last day at my job, am packing to move, and I finally made the first official steps toward opening the boutique! I met with my graphics designer and we talked about ideas for the logo and business cards, and I started filling out all the forms needed to own/run a commercial business. I am now a legal entity! Next on my list is talking to a web designer to start designing my site, and starting to contact sales reps to purchase lines to carry. As a bonus, at the end of this month I might be attending a trade show, but that's still in the works. In the meantime I'm packing packing packing. (Or realistically, I'm procrastinating, surfing the internet, watching tv, and thinking about packing...)

1 comment:

  1. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see this business venture progress!


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