Literary Inspirations - BSC Kristy's Great Idea - Claudia

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Claudia answered it again, this time wearing a baggy yellow-and-black-checkered shirt, black pants, red jazz shoes, and a bracelet that looked like it was made from a telephone cord. Her earrings were dangling jointed skeletons that jumped around when she moved."

On to the fun outfits! We covered Kristy first last week in honor of her being president of the BSC, but Claudia is vp, so she's up next. As I said last time, Claudia is my favorite for a variety of reasons - mainly her sense of style and her affinity for junk food. My kind of girl. For some reason though, this outfit seems tame. I seem to remember really insane combos like mismatched shoes on purpose and stuff like paper mache snakes braided into her hair. Or something like that. Maybe in the next book...


  1. the shirt needs little debbie crumbs on the front, haha

  2. Hahahaha agreed! I should definitely add some sort of candy into all her outfits.

  3. I love this! I am re-reading some of the BSC books right now in a little nostalgia readalong and this is awesome. And yep some junk food to tie it all together! Love it.


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