Bright Walls Around Town

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Besides stuffing our faces at tea, last week Leanne and I ran around town and ended up in the Melrose area to do some antique shopping. Of course we saw these brightly colored walls and decided to have a little fun taking pictures. Except that I am so stinking awkward in front of a camera - this is why I prefer to be behind it! Note to self - do not quit your day job to become a model. Or a fashion blogger. 

Anyhoo - if you're ever in Phoenix the Melrose area is very cute. It's all 50s and 60s styling, both in the buildings themselves and the stuff they sell. I've found an amazing spanish style curio cabinet there in the past, but we didn't have that much luck this time around. We probably made up for it by scaring the locals with our antics though, so I call it a win. 

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  1. Awkward, my friend? I think not. You could TOTALLY quit your day job and become a fashion blogger--you always take great pics! Then again, if you do that, you couldn't keep sending me awesome cat stuff, so scratch that. (Get it? Scratch? Like cats do? Bahahahahaha. When did I develop the cheesy sense of humor of my parents?)

    Anywho, speaking of scaring locals with antics, I was at IKEA the other day and had some serious flashbacks of our frolicking and terrorizing Minnesotans there many moons ago. Good times.


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