Westward the Tide

Monday, April 8, 2013

Arizona has been amazing so far. Of course it's April so the weather is perfect, and I'm at home since my new job hasn't started yet so my view might be a little skewed. But still. One thing I just didn't expect was the vast variety of landscape and temperatures in the state.

I always just assumed Arizona = desert and hot. But we stopped for a night to camp in Flagstaff before we finished our trip to Phoenix and it was a beautiful 50 degree day with pine trees and a gentle wind off the mountain. It was like something straight out of a book. I would have thought I was in northern California if I had not just driven over the state line earlier that day.

We grilled trout over a fire, sat and took in nature's beauty after driving 1600 miles the past few days, and - my personal favorite - got to live out my dream of being Laura Ingalls Wilder in a log cabin for the night. True, our log cabin had electricity, a mini fridge, and a tv, but close enough!!

Yep, I've gone western. Now all I need to do is find me a hat, boots, and start saying ain't and y'all. Oh and figure out what on earth to wear when the temperatures start hitting 115 degrees in summer....

1 comment:

  1. Nice denim suit. ;)

    It looks very picturesque.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder is and always will be my hero.


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