5 Things I Love Right Now

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Grandma gave me these butterfly appliques from her mother's wedding dress in 1918

Wearing bows in my hair to work

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress

Being swept off my feet by my fiance at the Renaissance Faire (oh yeah, check out that cheering crowd)

Yummy cream puffs at State Fair

Happy Monday! After a crazy few weeks I had a fantastic weekend relaxing with Kacey and getting to see my best friend who was in town visiting from Iowa. Lately Kace and I have been talking a lot about being content with what we have so I thought it'd be nice to write about a few things that have made me happy recently. 


  1. Who took those awesome third and fourth photos? They must be pretty awesome. ;)

    In other news, it was so good seeing you too!! You guys definitely need to come visit again.

  2. I know, there are no words for how awesome that person is


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