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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I had grand plans to start updating the blog more often once the company launched and I wasn't busy getting everything ready. And it would have worked, if I hadn't moved into my new apartment last weekend. Needless to say my life has been a bit chaotic lately, but in another week hopefully everything will calm down and be back to normal. The depressing part about moving is that there are boxes and boxes to be unpacked and organized and not having everything clean makes my life feel like a mess. Happily, I was able to get most of the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen put away, so it's just the living room and office (which resembles a junk yard with all the empty boxes and miscellaneous stuff I keep tossing in there). Since I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I've allowed myself to start thinking of the fun stuff - decorating! I have all sorts of ideas buzzing around my head for fun ways to make my new apartment feel more like a home.

My bathroom is all black and white, the tiles, the fixtures, everything! I'm thinking this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters for the bathroom would be fun (except my bathroom is teeny tiny so I think this curtain might overwhelm the space - but it's ruffly!)

Since my bathroom is so small and has no storage space I need some wall hooks to hang towels and bathrobes, maybe these from Anthropologie?

Moving on to the living room, I think I need to make this giant pocket watch - tutorial at Design Sponge

And add some fun pillows from Pier 1

And a coffee table made from recycled vintage wood such as these from Roost:

As for my office, my dream would be to have this exact one:

I have many more ideas floating around, but I suppose I should probably finish unpacking first...


  1. your boutique is SO cute! & very affordably priced :) i'm going to be in milwaukee quite a bit because half of my relatives live there. (in the wauwatosa/pewaukee suburbs) so we should meet for coffee some time & talk fashion!:)

  2. Thank you so much! And yes we should definitely meet for coffee. Good luck with your internship!


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