Friday, June 29, 2012

Mojave Crossing

shirt: Old Navy, shorts: Kohls, sandals: Asos, purse: Express, 
sunglasses: Ray-Ban, bracelets: Forever 21 and various Maui boutiques 

A wristful of stacked bracelets has been my go to for accessorizing while in Maui. Anything else just seems too fancy or uncomfortable for days that involve lounging by the pool or beach. I really, really don't want to go home :-)

After the swap meet (and the coconut tasting) we went up to Paia and wandered around a bit. But more on that in another post. In the process, we found this awesome mural wall that was a fantastic backdrop to a rather simple outfit. Also, I love these shorts. They sort of remind me of a Navajo blanket or something. I foresee a lot of use out of them this summer!

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